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Our Product - Redoxide


Red Oxide Metal Primer

Red oxide metal Primer a solvent-based economical anti-corrosive protective primer for interior and exterior, ferrous and non-ferrous metal work, including steel work.



Decotouch Red Oxide has Anti-corrosive properties and it is weather resistant and non toxic components which is used to prevents the surface rusting on properly prepared ferrous metals.Red oxide primer is a specially developed coating used as a base coat for ferrous metals. Red-oxide primer of Decotouch paints limited serves the same purpose to interior wall primers in this it prepares your metal for a coat, however it additionally offers iron and steel surfaces a layer of protection. Decotouch Paints Limited redoxide primer is meant to be used on interior and exterior ferrous metal and is not suitable for galvanized or nonferrous metals like metallic element, copper or brass.

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